10 Jan

I could not resist sharing this post, from a favorite blogger, about writing…and so much more. Hope you enjoy it as much as did.

Courage 2 Create

I was lying down the other day, thinking about this: the past is truly past.

Whatever upsets you about the past, if you just ruminate on the fact that this past event is truly over now, you might feel some relief almost immediately. This is because you’ll realize that the past doesn’t exist in any living, breathing, “organic” way today.

True: the past has left its footprints (and its misguided pathways) but the past itself is no longer here.

All you have is the present; and the present tense, as you well know, is the most urgent and exciting of all the tenses.

Past, Present, And Future Tenses

If an author chooses to tell his character’s story in the past sense, his character is immediately disempowered: she’s forced to live out a story that has already happened. Her fate is sealed and nothing can be changed. This is because…

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