15 Jul

This post is about a dear friend’s son. I want to share it as I could not have expressed it better myself. I am asking for your prayers for Taron and his family and any other help (giraffe or otherwise) you may be able to share.
Thank you.

It's a Family Affair

I have occasionally been known to hijack Ebsco’s Blog for personal reasons.  Most of the time I end up tying things back to Ebsco at the end, but today I will not.  Today I want to talk about giraffes.

Giraffes are one of the most beautiful and graceful animals.  They are the tallest living animal and come from Africa.  Males are typically 16 to 20 feet tall when fully grown and weight 3,500 pounds.  In a gallop the giraffe can reach 37 mph while appearing to glide effortlessly. Humans have been captivated by these majestic animals for millennia.  The bushmen from Africa perform a medicine dance named the giraffe which is performed to treat head injuries.  Humans hold a fondness for the giraffe, even to the point of the national toy store, Toys R Us using the giraffe as their mascot.

So what is the significance of giraffes that prompted…

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