Peanut Butter Throwdown

5 Feb
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It is time for the second installment of Store Brand or National Brand and today we are going to have a peanut butter throw down.

For those of you who missed the first post in this series, we decided to do some blind taste tests of food items that we buy on a regular basis.  The idea was to test the national brands against generic or store brands to see which items were the best value based on the balance of quality v price.  Of course, these are subjective concepts so we wanted to also provide a little insight into why we preferred one product over another.  We tested four items in this category and would love to hear from you about your own blind taste tests of these items or the store brands that you have locally.

The blind, side by side tasting rated each on taste, texture and overall satisfaction. We would then rank each as A. The Best, B. The Same Quality, C. Acceptable But Not as Good, D. Not Acceptable.

This tasting consisted of four brands of peanut butter, two national brands and two store brands, Skippy, Peter Pan, Stater Bros. and Best Value (Walmart).   All were crunchy style.

The thing that really stood out to our tasters in this challenge is that we really did not notice much difference in the taste of the peanut butters eating them on a day to day basis, but when they were tasted side-by-side there was a noticeable difference.

Our panel found that the Peter Pan brand had the best texture, describing it as velvety although all the tested brands had a nice smooth texture, cost  .16 oz.  The Skippy brand was described as overall OK and was described as lightly salty with a different kind of finish, cost  .19 oz.  The Great Value brand was described as overall OK but too salty,  cost  .11 oz.  The Stater Bros. brand was described as having a spoiled taste, cost  .14 oz.

When we tallied up the scores we found that we had a clear winner chosen as best by all the tasters, just as we had in the first taste test of cottage cheese.  This time it was Peter Pan peanut butter which was surprising because it was not the brand that any of us bought for our families.  In this test all tasters agreed on the second place also held by Skippy and rated as acceptable, and the third place held by Great Value, also rated as acceptable.  Another surprise was that Stater Bros. brand was the clear last choice of all the tasters who all found it to taste spoiled and gave it a rating of unacceptable.

This is what we found but we invite you to share your thoughts of your own blind, side-by-side tasting.  If you would like to use the score sheet we created, just request it in the comments and we will send you one.


2 Responses to “Peanut Butter Throwdown”

  1. essaykaywrites March 17, 2012 at 8:11 PM #

    Hi, Karen. My comment is less about the peanut butter itself but more about being glad to see someone is actually seeing peanut butter other than a demon that need to be exorcised. There are some days I just wish I can send my children to school with a PB&J because it would be so simple, but such are banned at their schools.

    I understand, and sympathize with those who have peanut allergies, but the medical community is divided. Some research shows what many avid peanut eaters have discovered, those who are exposed more have less chances of allergies, while those who seek to avoid the nuts tend to have greater chances of developing them. Of course, these studies could be sponsored by the peanut companies or their rivals. (Rant over, 🙂 )

    Anyway, great blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • queenoffamilosity March 29, 2012 at 11:16 PM #

      Hey Kay,

      It is getting more challenging these days to do many things it seems. I am afraid that P B & J will not be the fond childhood memory of our children and grandchildren.

      I actually find that I appreciate it more as an adult. Thanks for joining in. I look forward to your posts as well.

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