The Art of Saying Thank You

13 Nov
phaedra and our letters

We all do it. Say thank you I mean. (Here is a little musical inspiration from the 70’s to help get in the mood of thankfulness

Now that you are in a joyful and thankful mood you might want ask the question, Do we take the time to say thank you as often as we should or in a way that really says we appreciate and value what someone has done for us?

When I was growing up, the thank you note was a mandatory task.  Mom would not let up until everyone who had ever said a kind word had a properly written thank you note, addressed, stamped and in the mailbox.  There was no question about the proper way to say thank you.

Now, I find myself asking, would a thank you email do, I already said thanks.  Well, I guess the answer would be, that depends.  For the latest and greatest rules on thank you notes I suggest this article by Leslie Harpold

What is so amazing about making saying thank you a habit is that gratitude is its own reward.  The very act of really feeling, expressing, and sharing your thanks makes you feel lifted.  And I can say with certainly that it also does the same for many of the people who receive your tokens of thanks.  I have been surprised many times by people emailing or calling me to let me know how much my little note of thanks meant to them.

Now that  you know when and how to write a thank you note you might enjoy some fresh and unusual ways to show people that you appreciate them.  There are some fun and easy ways suggested in this article by Meg Favreau that may inspire you to come up with some new ones of your own.

What is your favorite way to say thank you?

Photo by lukemontague.


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