A new tradition, family movie night

9 May
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There is something wonderful about sharing an experience together as a family.  The dinner table has always been the center of family life, serving as a place to touch base with what is going on with each member of the family.  A place to learn the values that define us, how to act in social environments, how to contribute through work, support, and love.

Recently, our family has begun a new tradition that I love.  Every Saturday night, after dinner we all gather into the family room and watch a movie together.  All of us, the young, old, and older, sharing an experience together in the same mental and physical space.  It has become a way to become connected through sharing movies that have touched us in some way.  The most amazing part of it is has been how much the kids look forward to this.  Also, if one person is missing, the kids insist that we wait for them or reschedule on a night that everyone is home.

Making family movie night happen is pretty simple.  There are several easy, inexpensive ways to access movies and you can choose the one that best fits your situation.  I look at it as a balance between convenience and cost. 

If you have the discipline to return movies on time you might want to try Red Box.  They have locations in many places that you might go on a regular basis, like grocery stores, and the cost is $1 a day.  If you sign up for email notifications at redbox.com they will send you a code for a free rental on the 1st Monday of each month and other occasional free rentals good for a certain day only.  I understand that up can order movies on-line to be available for pick up at a particular location as well. 

If getting the videos back is more of a challenge for you may want to try Netflix.  They have several different plans that range from having 2 videos at a time mailed to you to having access to an unlimited number of streaming videos to view on your TV, (but you must have a device that allows this).  Their plans start at $7.99 a month. 

If planning is your major challenge you may want to try pay for view.  These are generally higher in price, somewhere around $4.99 each but you do not have to order anything in advance and you don’t have to have a special device, and you don’t have to return anything.  You just select and enjoy. 

Family movie night is our families’ newest tradition.  What is your family’s favorite tradition?


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