Hello world! (yes I am saying Hello World)

19 Feb
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Well I started writing my blog today and the first thing it did was make like a magician and disappear.  All that work just gone.  That went well!  I guess it is like getting that first scratch on your new car.  I can just relax now and write because I don’t have to worry about it being perfect anymore.

This blog is about all things family.  As I recently shifted my focus, less toward work and more toward home, I discovered two things.  One is that I seem to know a lot about some areas of the domestic life. The other is that there are areas of the domestic life that I could use some help with, for instance budgeting.  So my goal is to share what I know and ask you to share with me what I don’t know.  I think I will start with what I do not know.

Because my sister is the Queen Of All Things Money my first lifeline went out to her.  This is a woman who raised two children by herself and managed to buy three homes on a modest income.  She can make a penny buy a dollar’s worth of goods and, unlike me, has no fear of shopping on Black Friday. 

Luckily she is willing to take me on as a project and as a matter of fact just gave me my first assignment, writing down every penny I spend.  For a month (I started on the 15th) I will be writing down all expenditures, down to money put in parking meters, and saving the receipts for all purchases.  She says I have to be honest, (that means no fudging on Starbucks or Lotto tickets or those cute little shoes that perfectly match my favorite gray jacket), and that after we review the numbers.  Everyone in the family will be given a set amount of money that fits into the budget for personal spending and they do not have to account to anyone else for how it is spent.  So you really don’t have to give up your decaf mocha latte after all. OK, I guess that helps take the fear of judgement out of it and life will still be worth living.

Please feel free to join me if you have the courage.  I know there is someone else out there that would benefit from a money makeover who also has a great trick or two to share.


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